I-435 Endures Road Rage Gunfire

Sign of the times and increased tensions amongst suburbanites as the election draws near. Take a look . . .

Lenexa police investigate possible road-rage shooting Friday on I-35 near I-435

KC Scout SOURCE: KC Scout Traffic on northbound Interstate 35 at Interstate 435 is snarled Friday night because of an investigation into a possible case of road rage.The Kansas Highway Patrol said some of the northbound lanes have been temporarily shut down to allow Lenexa police to look for evidence of a shooting in the area.Lenexa police said the victim was northbound on I-35 near I-435 when someone on a motorcycle shot him.


  1. I'm sure it was mexicans headed from Olathe to the blvd for fiesta de viernes.

  2. Typical chud behavior. They were inconvenienced for a half of a second, so somebody had to die. This is why I'm voting for Kanye.

  3. Thanks Kansas Legislature!

    Pass conceal carry and repeal licensing and training requirements.

    Who could have predicted the results? Mo' guns, Mo' problems. Does everyone feel safer now?

  4. Kamala for real president10/31/20, 5:47 AM

    2:28 You're an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Law breakers don't give a shit about licensing and training.

    You're as stupid as those folks who want to confiscate guns.

    Then all the guns will be in the hands of the many folks who DO NOT OBEY THE LAW, leaving those who abide the defenseless.

  5. The criminals love laws that make it harder for common citizens to have and carry guns. It makes it easier to rob, rape and murder them. The Chinese Communists also like it because it would make it much easier to take over America someday.

  6. Uppity suburbanite likely had it coming. Humans are hateful, especially in the suburbs.

  7. Probably a guy going 50 miles an hour in the left lane (passing lane, folks!) who wouldn't get the fuck out of the way for, like, 10 miles. Those people deserve to be shot.


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