Thursday, October 22, 2020

Haters On Zoom Target UMKC Kangaroos

One more reminder that the online discourse is growing increasingly nasty as local progressives in training suffer a slew of insults during their online organizing session.

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UMKC College Democrats meeting targeted by racist and homophobic "Zoom bombing"

Unwelcome guests entered a UMKC College Democrats Zoom meeting using racist and homophobic slurs as their names on Oct. 5. According to Charisma Sewell, the campus representative for the College Democrats who was present at the incident, the offenders were blasting music through their microphones.


Anonymous said...

“Blasting music” is racist? The children at umkc need to pipe down.

Anonymous said...

Democrats hate when you give them a dose of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

If the zoom bombers called the UMKC College Democrats a homophobic name like “faggot” the probably meant it as a complement. Certainly, most if not all of the College Democrats are homosexuals and are proud of it.

Anonymous said...

File a hurt feelings report.

Anonymous said...

These idiots have interrupted dozens of meetings around town. The Kangaroos are not special targets. Bible classes, church services, AA meetings, and any other gathering they can interrupt has been highjacked and interrupted.
These guys seem to enjoy doing it because they can. It is just that simple.