Monday, October 26, 2020

Galloway Campaign Scorned For Advert

Once again we notice that Galloways supporters are pulling out all of the stops to back their candidate while the Missouri Auditor stays mostly silent. 

Here's GOP push back and a right-wing complaint over tactics . . .

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Former Parson chief of staff decries appearance in new ad: 'It's very deceptive'

EXCLUSIVE - Gov. Mike Parson 's former chief of staff accused the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) of recycling footage of him from a 2016 ad without his permission. A Stronger Missouri, a group backed by the DGA, released an ad last week featuring Martin "Bubs" Hohulin in which the former chief of staff accused Parson of accepting "over 900 gifts" from lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Gas lighting? It seems Nicole Galloway is the one who has received gifts from lobbyists. But you know democrats they vote for a democrat no matter what. Just look at Joe Biden he doesn't even know where he's at or what he says half the time and idiot democrats will still vote for him. Actually there is no democrat party anymore. There is communism or patriotism. The party's are gone. I hope all patriots are locked and loaded crap is getting ready to hit the fan and this country needs a good cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Damned Democrats!
HOW DARE THEY repeat what Republicans say publicly!
That is playing dirty, only Republicans are allowed to do that!

Anonymous said...

Terroristic threats @6:46?
Careful, or you'll find out what a "PATRIOT" really is!
Just confine your macho posts to the keyboard and keep a low profile around people who love this Country, and who remember they took an oath to defend it and the Constitution "against all enemies, Foreign AND DOMESTIC"!