Saturday, October 03, 2020

Fact Check: Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Vs. Amanda Adkins Is The Only Interesting Contest In Kansas

The "facts" here are most garbage partisan contentions. However, the "real sauce" here is that the GOP knows this is their best chance to flip back an important congressional district and if they don't do it this time around, it'll only get tougher. 

There is no "red wave" supporting Prez Trump in Kansas. This time around our Republican pals are simply hoping the negative campaigning works to lure back so many of the lady voters they lost in 2018.

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Fact Check: Economic focus in KS 3rd District race

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Economic relief during the coronavirus pandemic is one issue candidates are focusing on in the Kansas 3rd Congressional District race. Democrat incumbent Sharice Davids is running for re-election and being challenged by Republican Amanda Adkins. A television campaign ad by Rep.


Rob said...

So the truth about Sharice Davids is that she is taking credit for a bill that would have passed because of bi-partisan support even without her vote. So that is a nothing burger. Other than that she votes with Pelosi over 99% of the time. She somehow supposedly receives support from Ilhan Omar of Minnesota the most anti-American in the House of Representatives. Then she gets some five or six people to do a TV ad about she is the right choice, but so far has done nothing or brought any big federal funds for anything back to her district. She is NOT the right choice for the Kansas Third District.

Anonymous said...

She would like to bring 1619 project to our public schools, doesn’t live in Kansas and not good for Ks.

Retro ROCKER said...

If you Get Davis out, there is a good chance that you will knock Nancy out as speaker of the house .

Anonymous said...

Davids by 10. Again.

Alpinista said...

The Republican Candidate is a white woman with blonde hair. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

^^ What's the big deal? Should she be a black trans he/she to win your vote? Typical lib. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

As says the racist.

Anonymous said...

Won’t happen.

Anonymous said...

To the Democrats, identity politics is everything. The more bizarre the better. David’s needs to stay in Missouri where she lives. She’s done nothing for Kansas and is a wannabe radical.

Anonymous said...

Davids needs to finish transitioning for a win.

Pat Hughes said...

All you blindingly oblivious Repub sheep need to know is that the largest and most influential national Women’s GOP group did not endorse Awful Amanda. They don’t even support her

Anonymous said...


Failure after failure.

Bastard child of an unmarried mother who violated military code of conduct.

Failed at 3 colleges, before finally getting a degree at the 4th one.

A butch lesbian who likes to beat on other women.
Failed at MMA fighting circuit.
Failed to get on the MMA reality-TV show that she tried to qualify for.

Only got into Cornell Law School through an LGBT diversity recruitment program. A qualified applicant was rejected to make room for LGBT Sharice with poor academics.

Likewise, got a short-term volunteer White House fellowship when the Obama administration was recruiting LGBT applicants into government service.

Sharice failed at the Dentons law firm in KC, and was not offered a permanent position.

She went to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and failed when trying to start a coffee roasting business (Hoka Coffee). She never repaid the business loan after a judge ruled against her.

Just before she entered politics, she was doing a podcast called Starty Pants where she interviewed lesbians, transgenders, and budding entrepreneurs. Watch video here:
Sharice is VERY DUMB! Definitely below-average intelligence.

Sharice has used IDENTITY POLITICS to cut in line and get ahead of more qualified people who follow the rules in life. When it can benefit her, she plays the LGBT Native American card.


Pat Hughes said...

All that is very vicious and hateful attack (Trump strategy no.3) BUT more importantly is NO answer at all to my noting that her own national GOP women’s PAC doesn’t support Amanda. Your non-answer and instead a “what about-ism” irrelevant comment is Trump strategy no. 2; it doesn’t work with a majority of voters now, either

Anonymous said...

And David’s has done what during her term.....crickets. Supported the Squad and Pelosi 99% of the time. No thanks!

Anonymous said...

The other 1% she was licking Pelosi's snatch under the poduim.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez! Thanks for that one! I just threw up in my mouth!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Contest?
There's no contest I see.
What I see is a couple of dumpster fires, one Blue and one Red.

Anonymous said...

Would you rather see Adkins defeat Davids in the election?

Or would you rather see Davids eat out Adkins pussy?