Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Exploring Kansas City Pandemic Party Ideas

A quick peek at local university life listing of things to do that might help provide some inspiration OR, at the very least, remind us that we're not missing much whilst staying safe at home.


What to do in Kansas City during a Global Pandemic

Now that students have officially returned to campus, one question is on everyone's minds: what's left to do in the city when the threat of COVID-19 is keeping them inside? It turns out, there are still many unique options for activities that give you an excuse to get out of your house/dorm room/whatever living space...


Anonymous said...

Here we go again with the pandemic. Well I know one thing the pandemic isn't a virus it's more like the thugs on the street and a weak mayor who is getting his rocks off on it. The virus is over and it's now time for the flu are they going to say the seasonal flu is the CSOVID? More people died of the swine flu than COVID. But they aren't going to tell you this because the COVID has a dark agenda brought to us by the radical left.

Dr Fauci 2016; There's going to be a pandemic during the Trump administration. Fear Fear Fear Fear that's what the left want. Right Quinton Lucas?

Anonymous said...

The CDC just came out and said lockdowns are a bad idea. They were a bad idea that destroyed a lot of lives unnecessarily. Time to wake up and get out of the house, people!

chuck said...

Our so called "leaders" and "experts" have monkey fucked the football at every opportunity. From Cuomo, who literally killed 13 to 15,000 people, to Fauci who has not made a correct prediction that I am aware of, it has been a FUBAR of epic proportions.

Fauci is an absolute disgrace. The damage that liberal politicians and so called "experts" have done to this country over the last 9 months is probably incalculable.

The man is supposed to be an expert on Epidemics and yet most reasonable people knew, KNEW back in April that the draconian shut down was pernicious, counterproductive and at that point, NOT "Flattening The Curve" but in fact a trial run for Progressive Fascists who were "testing the waters" for the coming Socialist Singularity.

The narrative from Fauci and the Progressive left wing media, is fear, uncertainty, disinformation and the obfuscation of facts that reveal what we all knew, again, back in April. This CHIESE manufactured pandemic, is in some ways like a very serious flu to most and a death sentence to the old and infirm. Protections should have been and should be now, pinpointed on the vulnerable and the rest of the world, should get back to work.

But of course, as we all know, Progressives "never let a crisis go to waste" and they control the megaphone - so, we got "The sky is falling" reporting from our expert, Dr. Dumbazz Fauci that was parroted day and night and it really did scare the be-Jesus out of many Americans.

Contemptible, yet predictable behavior from contemptible, predictable Progressive-Fascist scum, who seek a one party system with total control over every aspect of our lives and could care less about the devastating effects of their subterfuge and manipulation. The lives lost, business' crushed, hopes and dreams destroyed - Fauci and his liberal ilk - are EVIL.

Now, with a straight face and faux concern, the CDC comes out and says "Lockdowns are bad and will double world poverty this year".

The idiots we have elected to office and hold in high regard as "Experts" are unqualified go clean the sneeze shield at the local Pizza Hut.

I am, over this last 4 years, literally gobsmacked by how stupid, ineffective, myopic and yet - possessed of so much arrogant self regard these elites, "Peter Principled" into high station really are.

Fauci is a prima facie example of that incompetence, ignorance and hubris.

Bandit said...

It's not a pandemic. It is a PANICdemic brought to you by the bed wetting libtard Demonrats. Even their precious World Health Organization admits that they fucked up.

Anonymous said...


After teasing all night, the train never left the station, leading to massive congestion!!!

Anonymous said...

8:01 addendum -- It was the World Health Organization (WHO) that just came out and said lockdowns are a bad idea. They were a bad idea that destroyed a lot of lives unnecessarily. Time to wake up and get out of the house, people!

Anonymous said...

^^says the geriatric fucktard who's always here and NEVER gets out of the house. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^pussy ass control freak

Anonymous said...

^^Bitch, did I tell you to pull my cock out of your mouth and comment? No I did not! Back on your knees!

Bandit said...
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