Endless Kansas City Streetcar Hype Persists Despite Plummeting Ridership

Locals have mostly abandoned the toy train because of the pandemic. But the party hasn't stopped and now the local creative-class have adopted the pricey mode of transit as the most expensive stage in Kansas City.


Why Kansas City Artists Are Painting On Dresses And the Streetcar Is Now A Fashion Runway

The world of runway shows and opening nights at galleries seems like a distant dream eight months into the pandemic. But the Kansas City Artists Coalition and fashion consultant Wlaa Style have teamed up with the KC Streetcar and other organizations to whisk everybody back into that technicolor existence.


  1. Maybe they could use the streets or Flush Creek as a runway to draw attention to other areas of KC that desperately need funds and attention.

  2. But wasn't the Fashion Show at the Landing Shopping Center a success?

  3. Because you have a bunch of unhinged people who are telling you one minute to get out and ride for free and then the next minute telling you there are numerous new cases of the virus and to stay home while they close everything down and put business owners out of work. They want order out of chaos and they can't even do that right. Take a look at who is running our city. Look at what he is doing. Does he make sense?

  4. And Kansas City is expanding this joke. Amazing!

  5. This cowtown is an embarrassment over their love of the streetcar. No one in any major city with subways would ever do this crap. The streetcar is just a toy train, it's not even actual mass transit.

  6. I've ridden the train twice now. Once in summer and once in winter. I don't ever have to do it again. It was lousy both times.


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