Thursday, October 08, 2020

Debating Kansas Coronavirus Death Count

As the election moves closer, the pandemic has been completely politicized and there are few places to turn for information that isn't hotly contested. 

A couple of headlines to prove this point . . .

KMBC: US intel leader warns Americans ‘more aggressive’ coronavirus disinformation coming

Vox: Trump has been the biggest source of Covid-19 misinformation, study finds

In fairness, here's the word from Kansas right-wing pundits and amateur scientists who share outrage after MSM ignores their counting methodology . . . Read more:

Media covering up government misdeeds is a serious threat to liberty - The Sentinel

On Monday, September 14, Democratic Kansas Governor Laura Kelly carefully parsed her words to make Kansans believe 23 people died from COVID over the weekend; only one of those deaths had a weekend date, however, and the finalized KDHE database now shows the total was five.


Anonymous said...

Another Democrat Party Governor lying about corona virus deaths and riots.

You can never trust anything out of the mouth of the Marxist Democrats.

A lot of the uneducated voters supporting the Marxists are going to be in a rude surprise if the Marxists take power and then turn against them.

chuck said...

^^^ Exactly

This was an excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Worldwide conspiracy against Hydroxychloroquine has taken more lives than Cuomo did putting all the covid-positive patients back in the nursing homes.