Friday, October 16, 2020

Debating Clay County Constitution

An update on Kansas City Northland drama and a document that might limit "many sides" of suburban political factions living quiet lives of desperation.

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Proposed Clay County constitution would mean big changes

LIBERTY, Mo. - Voters in Clay County will vote on whether to adopt a new county constitution which hopes to change the structure of the county's government in the upcoming November election. The constitution comes as some residents say the current government structure has been dysfunctional.


Anonymous said...

Clay County has been dysfunctional because one
Commissioner refused to cooperate with the other two commissioners. The purpose of all the venomous attacks, controversy, petition for audit, etc., has been to defeat the other commissioners so that the developers who have been trying to control Clay County for many years can regain control. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Commissioner Nolte has received substantial contributions from the developers. Nolte is a puppet for the developers and their consultants who want to regain control of Clay County.

Reality Speaker said...

My impression was that Nolte is a conservative who objected to the huge expenditure in purchasing land and constructing a new county satellite office, when, somewhat like the airport, a much cheaper renovation of the existing structures was possible.

This would seem to be just the opposite of the above commentator's claim of Nolte in developer's pockets.

I will be interested in "reasonable" debate and answered questions on this.

Anonymous said...

Speaking simply as a resident of the County, I strongly disagree with the comments @10:35. This argument has been repeated over and over while the two Commissioners have devastated Clay County financially and outrageously in order to support the Developers who financed them.

While doing so, they have destroyed he resident's faith in County Government with their arbitrary and vindictive actions, harmed Law Enforcement in the County, misused County Employees to hound and harass Residents who resisted their actions in attempts to drive them out of the County, arbitrarily disempowered elected officials and reduced their staff to the point where thy cold not provide services to Clay County, and spent huge amounts of taxpayer's money on outside legal help to defend their own improper actions.

This change is necessary to prevent that sort of malfeasance and misfeasance from ever happening again.

Anonymous said...

The constitution is just a way for the developers and realtors to take control of the courthouse

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ You mean like they have with Ridgeway and Owen?

Nolte didn't want a "new" Annex to be located three miles from the Court House, he wanted a new one, IF IT EVER BECAME NEEDED, built in a location closer to the center of the population of the County.

The location of the "new" Annex in such an absurd place was Ridgeway and Owen rewarding Owen's biggest Donor by taking a plot of land the guy couldn't sell off his hands for a couple of million of YOUR Tax Dollars!

Ask Ridgeway/Owen what is going to happen to the EXISTING Annex, and who they are giving it away to, FREE!