Cowtown Party People Still Plan Kansas City COVID-19 Halloween Bar Hopping

The party never stops for our functional alcoholic friends and locals desperate to sell booze. Here's a guide to scary good times when the shadow of death is just a bit more obvious than usual whilst drinking the night away.


Dress up and hit these 18 bars with Halloween deals this weekend

Halloween is a little different this year. For kiddos, Zoom is taking the place of PTO-organized classroom Halloween parties. And adults (safely) hitting the town must find a way to make required face masks go with their costumes. Here are a few Halloween events going on in the city this weekend-enjoy it while temperatures are back up in the sixties!...


  1. Not that I agree with drinking but everyone needs to get out a forget the propaganda that's going around about this virus. Of course after you do they will try and say there were 1 million new cases on November 1st to try as scare everyone. You can't control a virus just like you can't control the flu every year. Don't believe the radical left, they have a nasty agenda and it's time to fight back on it. Get out now before the new civil war hits November 4th.


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