Monday, October 26, 2020

COVID-19 Cancels Kansas City Vaxx Schedule

A consequence of the pandemic that references another conspiracy that will spark debate, paranoia, and hopefully a career renaissance for Jenny McCarthy.


COVID-19 Has Kept Kansas City Kids From Getting Shots That Protect Against Other Childhood Diseases

Some kids aren't getting routine childhood immunizations because health departments are cutting back on vaccine clinic hours as they respond to COVID-19. Other families are delaying care because they're afraid to go to the doctor's office during a pandemic. "Parents may have said back in May, June, 'We're going to skip this right now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks mayor 10 10 10, you have the city shut down with you and fake dr Rex archers doom and gloom show and it’s killing people. Are you done with the dimwit narrative yet? The feds aren’t going to give you money because you are stupid so....

Anonymous said...


While playing a club in Yankton, Jenny got in the spirit of things!!!

Anonymous said...

Well played, @8:53!
And probably 100% accurate, too!