Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Clay County Courthouse Annex Comeback

After KCMO meddled with this project that has inspired a great many slap fights on the nice side of the bridge, builders are back at it and Northland political drama persists amid campaign 2020.

Check the follow-up:

Clay County restarts construction at controversial annex site

Clay County, Missouri, has resumed construction work after legal questions caused a shutdown at the site of a controversial new $20 million county annex building at Missouri 152 Highway and North Brighton Avenue.The work has resumed, even though a Kansas City inspector issued a stop work order saying the county's


Reality Speaker said...

Sad...There goes the neighborhood-

Clay County has been infected by the spend, spend, spend taxpayer's money virus from across the river.

Current annex could be fixed up, but we need new and shiny and expensive if we are to prove to everyone how wonderful we are.

Now all we need is our own airport and trolley, bike lanes into Liberty and BLM murals galore. Ain't government wonderful (with other folks money)?

Anonymous said...

Just hope this is the last gasp of the Ridgeway/Owen corruption, but am also afraid the stench of their criminality will continue to surface for years to come.

Anonymous said...

There is a strong comparison between what is happening in Clay County and nationally.
A developer, thru Nolte, with bogus claims, tries to regain control of Clay County. Just as national Dems make bogus claims against Trump.
Nutle has made great effort to create controversy since his first day on the commission. Zero effort to work with others to address problems. Clay County taxpayers suffer.
America suffers from Dims dishonest efforts.