Check Kansas City Streetcar Fashion Hype

Quick peek at toy train promo for a mode of transit that has been abandoned amid pandemic fear and given its lack of practicality very much like most high fashion trends.

Take a look:

RideKC, KC Artists Coalition host digital fashion show live from the streetcar

Streetcar Fashion Show promo.// Courtesy KCAC Do you love the Kansas City streetcar? Do you love fashion shows? Have you ever wished you could have both at the same time? Well, there is no need to fret; RideKC streetcar has just the event for you.


  1. did any one ever ask: "do you love the main street max"? or before that: "do you love the 56 bus line"?

    is this person mentally challenged, asking "do you love the streetcar?" and it goes like a fourth the distance of max or the old 56 line.


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