Sunday, October 11, 2020

Catholic Church Comforts Old School

Here's what might be the only nice link of the day . . . An encouraging report revealing a few member of a local faith community using their time to do something other than condemn people.

Take a look:

Outreach to the aging and vulnerable even more important in this time of COVID

by Moira Cullings OVERLAND PARK - It was a sight Jean Humphrey had seen many times in her life. Father John Riley was walking up to her home for a visit. But this time was different. Years ago, Father Riley visited Humphrey at her home near Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish in Overland Park during his second year in the seminary.


Anonymous said...

Catholics are going to hell. Why might you ask? Cause they call JESUS A FAILURE. Yes, they claim Jesus can't give salvation. YOU HAVE TO WORK YOURWAY TO HEAVEN YOURSELF. YOU DO WHAT JESUS CAN'T! Thats the definition of the hell bound!

Anonymous said...

We didn't call Jesus a failure. We called YOU a loser. @4:58. Stop being a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Many times Jesus told the Pharasees that they path was going straight to hell. Yes Jesus told people, warned them, lectured them, informed them, judged their beliefs and told them they were on the wrong path. And the Pharasees were THE most religious and pure people of the day, the most educated, the priests of the temple, the keepers of all religious offices.

If you wrong, your wrong - and Jesus pointed it out. He will never judge ANYONE until after they die, and then face the judgement thrown. Then he wont tell them they were wrong anymore - they will know it. Catholics take heed!

Anonymous said...

^^And yet there’s no God. Weird.

Anonymous said...

If a person has to "work their way to heaven with good works" or pay money to get a deceased relative out of "purgatory" and then transfered to heaven - well it mean your "saving yourself" - no Jesus involved. Why, cause you think its the only way and Jesus cant save you. Why pray to Mary & Saints first - cause you think Jesus is less effective!

Jesus said NOBODY can work their way to heaven with good works, prayer, chants. Or pay their way. But or course Catholics think Jesus is a liar and do it anyway. They have NO trust in Christ alone. So say the Rosary, hold your beads, pay for Masses for the dead- it does nothing to save you. I am not a hypocrite - I am taking Jesus for his word. His exact word. Not your manmade version.

Alpinista said...

The Roman Catholic Church was about four hundred years old, when various manuscripts were gathered together in one Bibliography. This important work was overseen by a despot who had only just converted. He did this to stop the never ending sectarian violence between Christians & Pagans.

I'm an atheist, but it seems to me that if you're going to pretend that The Bible is the Word of God, then you are committing blasphemy, because your making lesser men Jesus' equal.

The way Protestants judge Catholics by quoting the Bible is just ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Constantine a Roman leader started the Roman Catholic church after he saw a vision in the sky, instructing him to paint crosses on his men's shields to ensure they would win a key battle for rulership the next day, and they did. So in response he started the Catholic church and accepted all pagan rituals such as smoke, robes, crowns, staffs. relics, altars, chanting, beads, idols. He did not want to exclude the pagans and have them turn on him. So he merged it all together with Christianity in one huge mess. Pagans and Christians together. Just what the devil wanted, a watered down, mostly fake, pagan and ineffective religion that does nothing but desire wealth and political power. They even except the Mafia that has direct access to the most powerful Catholic leaders- they get along so very well. The hitmen never miss a Mass. Oh how they celebrate Chirstmas, then go kill some fellow Catholics with their Beretta 380's. Really a cool religion!

Woody Pfister said...

12:32 the Ignorance lives strongly in you! In nomine patris et fili et spiritus sancti, amen

Anonymous said...

Catholicism and Christianity are 2 completely different religions. Let me give you an example of how different they are. Picture this hypothetical situation:

example 1 - Adolf Hitler is getting ready to die at war's end. He suddenly realizes how wrong he has been, that people's lives have value, and that he is a horrible sinner. He calls out to Jesus "please forgive me, I am sinner, I repent of all my sins, tiny and big"! He is then shot dead. Jesus is willing, happy and able to immediately forgive all Hitler's sins and he goes to heaven right away when he dies! This is Christianity - per Jesus Christ.

example 2 - A ordinary middle class Catholic tries to live a "pretty good life", believes Jesus existed, asks priests to forgive his sins each week at confession, prays to Mary and the saints, firmly believes in Purgatory and that good works will prevent you from going there for too long. Does good works, starts a charitable organization to help the poor, raises a nice family, never swears - but "TRUSTS IN HIS GOOD WORKS AND MOTHER MARY TO GET HIM TO HEAVEN". He dies and goes to hell. He TRUSTED IN WORKS AND MARY - that won't get you to heaven. He DIDNT trust in Jesus's ability to forgive alone, he believe in GOOD WORKS, earning credits as THE way to get out of purgatory and into heaven! It fails, he goes to hell and Hitler goes to heaven. God can forgive anyone's sin, but only if they ask.

Anonymous said...

The big difference is divine accomplishment thru Jesus alone (Christianity) or human achievement (Catholic Church).

Funny thing the people who believe in human achievement to get to heaven, they can't even get that next promotion at work. Eventually they are promoted as high they can get, and stall. But they they have the power to earn a ticket to heaven? Really? And rosary prayer beads and last rites will get you there faster when you are on the death bed? BEADS? Really? Are beads ever mentioned in the Bible by Jesus, the Lord and creator of earth? NO - beads never mentioned.

"In the name of Jesus" - NOT MARY, SAINTS, PRIESTS, POPE, BEADS!