Calling Out Kansas City Latino Vote

Here at TKC we eschew identity politics or at least make fun of it for giggles . . . Still, we share this worthwhile note for reasons beyond a glimpse at the partisan discourse. 

Because the term Latinx is elitist we're happy to see local public radio dropping the moniker that only progressive white people used . . . It's always nice to see white people becoming more accomidating when they need votes.


To Reach Young Latino Voters In Kansas City, Politicians Need To Talk About More Than Just Immigration

Edgar Palacios has a clear message for politicians: If you want to reach young Latino voters in the 2020 election, you need to know they don't just care about immigration. They want to hear what you'll do about climate change, about college debt, about the job market. They're not all Democrats, either.


  1. Go ahead and call it it. It ain't going to go the way you think.

  2. I am sorry but Latino never ever vote for the person or party that best represents their interest. Trump has been openly hostile toward latino's at the border and continues to support the terrible working conditions and lower pay in the agriculture and meat packing industries yet many Latinos will rust out and vote for trump.

  3. Republicans miss the boat, too. Most Latinos are social conservatives, & at least culturally, Roman Catholic. Republicans have decided that it's in their best interest to demonize these people rather than court them, which wouldn't be difficult since they are conservatives.

    The number of unarmed Latino's shot in self-defense by the police is twice the number of African-Americans murdered this way. Latino's are often left out of national conversations, even though they will someday be the majority.

  4. Bandit, just today, Donald Dumbass told 20% of the population to vote for Biden. The only people supporting him are racist white men.

    He's going to lose bigly.

    Oh, yeah, & fuck the Bandit.

    1. That's funny. I could have sworn Herschel Walker and Candace Owens were black?

      But really, your silly definition of racism is utterly meaningless anyway. ;)

  5. Mission accomplished! Simian meltdown! 😏🙄


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