Artsy Plans For Old School Kansas City Star Building Invite Downtown Criticism

Rehabbing the stomping ground of a mostly bankrupt biz has been tough during the pandemic. Moreover, developers now have to contend with neighbors just a bit more powerful than the hobos at the "rough" gas station across the street.

Take a peek:

Former Kansas City Star Building's Plan for Art and Arts Festival Draw Mixed Reviews - KC STUDIO

Amid the heartbreaking artistic and economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing redevelopment of the old Kansas City Star building has been a bright spot. Developer Vince Bryant of 3D Development has been forging ahead with a $98 million conversion of the historic structure at 18th and Grand into a mixed-use development known as Grand Place.


  1. KC council can't fix infrastructure, can't pay it's employees, is constantly crying that the city is going broke, is always looking for a way to increase taxes and fees, yet they can find $2.4 million in tax breaks for this. Folks, you can't make this shit up.

  2. What about the human bones found buried at the Star building ? 2017 story that melted away

  3. hate to be cynical, but when I read about over $2 million in sales tax abatement, approved by piea, in exchange for commitments for art incubators, man that is checking so many boxes of buzzwords, it sounds like the worst kind of eco devo incentives and hustle, tons of money diverted to lawyers and consultants. the property basically never to be on tax rolls normally. Jarvis Hunt and Wm Rockhill Nelson would be shakin their heads

  4. The city is facing a 70 million dollar budget shortfall and the council still keeps giving away money to friends, lawyers and developers. Guarantee in the near future they're going to tell us they have to raise our taxes. Holy crap.


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