Thursday, October 01, 2020

Abandoned Hospital Blights Midtown KC

A glimpse at the local medical industrial complex in disrepair deserves a mention given that Obamacare was dutifully dismantled and Trumpcare has been such an EPIC disaster that more Americans are now flirting with the (empty) promise of socialism.

Take a look:

Former hospital continues to rot in midtown Kansas City

City contractors put fresh plywood on the windows of the former Trinity Lutheran Hospital at West 31st Street and Baltimore Avenue on Thursday after a neighbor complained to KMBC 9 News about vandals and teenagers continuing to break into the property.


Anonymous said...

This is NOT a problem, but let me tell you about HAIR DISCRIMINATION!

--- Councilmembers Robinson and Parks-Shaw

Anonymous said...

This is so weird to see. I used to go for check ups here all of the time. I think if the hospital was still open I wouldn't go there anymore with the way KC is today. Back in the 80's it wasn't a problem. There wasn't a racist mayor and dangerous congressman running the place. Really sad to see my hometown go to hell but I guess we all knew someday it would happen it has taken years but we all saw what was coming our way. Overland Park is the place to be for medical, but first they have to get rid of people like Sharice Davids or it will end up just like KC.

Anonymous said...

^^9:52, just move to Tulsa then and be done with it.