Wednesday, September 30, 2020


This would be nice if it even remotely represented really but it's garbage from political consultant hacks given that the DNC has already directed money away from this fight. Ironically, Kris Kobach was the best chance to defeat the GOP in the Sunflower State.

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Polls show very, very tight race for Kansas Senate seat

Two internal polls - one a Republican and another a Democratic - confirm the Kansas Senate race between Republican Roger Marshall and Democrat Barbara Bollier is very, very close.The poll from Keep Kansas Great PAC, a Republican group very close to Marshall, has him leading by four points.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton was further ahead in the polls at this time 4 years ago, the proganda then was KS, GA, MO, WV, Tenn, Fla n Texas were all in play.

Go figure, same play book, same lackey msm, and same horrible policies n terrible candidate.

Anonymous said...

Survey Seyz....All of my heroes killed colonizers, vote for me.

Sharice Davids

Anonymous said...

VOTE Libertarian Jason Buckley for Senate

Anonymous said...

Survey of what? Sharice wants to kill white people.

Anonymous said...

NO chance that the Dems could win KS

That state is controlled by dumbass republican fucktards

Alpinista said...

The polls were wrong once. Therefore, they are of no value? Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

KANSAS hasn't sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate since WWII.

A majority of Kansans are opposed to liberal abortion laws.

The Barbara Bollier family (her parents, herself, her adult children) are 3 generations who've strongly supported Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation. Bollier's father, a physician, served on the Planned Parenthood board.
When a doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath they swear to "First do no harm". This means: "I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm".

Purposely executing an unborn child, typically for convenience, is clearly an unethical, unprofessional action for anyone claiming to be a doctor.

Grew up the daughter of a Mission Hills doctor.
Gave up her medical practice over 20 years ago, because she's a privileged white woman, married to another doctor, and lives in Mission Hills.

Anonymous said...

Bollier and Davids both espouse murder, one of unborn babies the other of white people. These two are scary but represent the New Democratic
Party. Neither has a chance.

Anonymous said...

and yet both win easily. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Bollier is not going to be elected to the Senate so she can be another Schumer-controlled liberal puppet. Her ads are atrocious. In every ad, there is some hayseed hick redneck saying they were a Republican their WHOLE life and now they are going to vote for far-left Bollier. Right. Most of these redneck a-holes were going back to molesting the sheep and goats on their farms as soon as the film crews left their farms. No one believes that this Prairie Village