TKC Told You So Last Week: Newspaper Catches Up To New KCI Hot Mess

Friday our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY BROKE FIRST NEWS of a serious complaint at KCI. Even better we shared behind the scenes DOX and info straight from the source.

Best of all, rather than editorials after the fact . . . TKC Readers have consistently predicted the inevitable New KCI construction delay. 

Accordingly, today, in a story that most people skipped over, dead-tree media shared their narrative on the drama from the comfort of a paywall . . . Checkit:

Construction firm asks feds to investigate why it was denied $75 million KCI contract

A Colorado-based company that lost out on more than $70 million in construction work at Kansas City International Airport - after the City Council intervened - is asking federal aviation officials to investigate, according to a letter obtained by The Star.


  1. manipulating bids for public projects, even one semi public is unlawful. They only thing that let this happen is that technically its a private firm project but this does not completely insulate them from a future lawsuit and or FAA smack down.

  2. George Soros is going to build a hangar for his blimp fleet at KCI. It will be a fleet that carries nuclear bombs - yikes!

  3. It never ceases to amaze that Kansas Shitty excels in only one thing... They fuck up fucking up!

  4. I believe the “hot mess” involved Teresa Loar. “Hot head” Teresa Loar who everyone knows runs her mouth too much and drinks too much. She is not a racist though. Just a political hack.


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