Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Pitch Decries Tacit Racism Of Recall Against Mayor Quinton Lucas

The struggling "alternative" publication shares a remarkably mainstream KCMO progressive opinion as this group confronts its first major deadline today . . . Take a look:

Online campaign to recall Mayor Lucas fueled by dogwhistle racism, conspiracy theories

Seeking signatures for a recall. // Photo posted by Tamara Root via RECALL KANSAS CITY MAYOR QUINTON LUCAS Facebook group A recall effort targeting Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is raising questions about race and public health issues in Kansas City.


Bandit said...

Q Ball's only card left is the gay card. Will it come out of the closet?

chuck said...

"A closer look into the group’s publicly-available activity reveals a dark trend of anti-Black racism, QAnon conspiracy, and ties to the Kansas City Police Department. Members frequently allude to support for, and from, KCPD officers and their families."

Translation = If you disagree with the Progressive Narrative and say so, you are a racist. STFU.

"Commenters frequently called BLM “terrorists” (they are not)."

Translation = If I say they are not, then the fires, the looting and the violence didn't happen. STFU

"Along with anti-Black and pro-police messages, the page frequently attacks masks and public health information around the coronavirus pandemic."

Translation = Shut up and obey proles!!! STFU

" A September 6th post positing that masks reduce the wearer’s immunity—an idea not backed by science—attracted over 300 likes and 134 comments. "

Translation = My scientists can kick your scientist's ass. STFU

"To justify support for police, the recall group’s members post news about Kansas City’s homicides. More policing would prevent this and Mayor Lucas is to blame, the posts imply. Wrong."

Translation = Ignore the "Ferguson Effect". Who are you going to believe? The Pitch or your lying eyes? BTW there are no fires and looting and violence and the "protests" are all peaceful, just ask Jerry Nadler.

"It has been months since George Floyd was murdered on that Minneapolis spring day."

Translation = Don't see the truth, the truth is that George Floyd, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, the entire list of low life pieces of shit that the Pitch want you to believe are heroes, now dead, make the world a better place.

"Instances of backlash are mounting, with pro-Trump paramilitary activists killing protestors in Portland,..."

Translation = DON'T look at the video of Kyle Rittenhouse being chased, attacked and assaulted, just pretend that he opened fire wantonly and with no reason. STFU

Kansas City does not hate Lucas because he is black, they just think he is another grifting, garden variety, run of the mill, race baiter with the IQ of a turnip.

Anonymous said...

Knowing the Pitch, one of their reporters probably went onto the recall facebook page and made those comments only to report on the racism he found there later.

Super Dave said...

The Pitch hates everybody but themselves.

Anonymous said...

The only racism here is Quinton Lucas and his black panthers aka BLM. To say the recall of Lucas is racist is ignorant. Everyone world wide can see what BLM is all about and can also see how it's gone to ridiculous extremes like changing the name of pancake syrup to destroying property and killing cops. I wish I could wake up one morning and see one of two things, black people moving out of the country or a civil war where we can destroy them. Sad for the black people who are against BLM they are going to be the innocent ones hurt in all of this hot mess. White democrats are in this too. I can't believe they are as stupid as they are. As far as the public health issue BLM are responsible for that too. They have spread this virus while everyone else was at home. That goes for the chiefs game too. If Lucas and his nazi cohorts don't like it that's just too bad.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter whether it’s because he’s black, or homosexual or just plain worthless? Just get him out of there.

Anonymous said...

Predictable spin from the dying Pitch, who are so blinded by stupid critical race theory that they are incapable of criticizing anyone in a professional victim class.

Kamala for real president said...

White Racissst Jeep! Probably drove over the Northland "Mural" many times.

Anonymous said...


Hyperblogal said...

Tacit? More like Blatant.

Anonymous said...

black fragility is crying racism when ever any criticism no matter how true it is.

Man how depressing it must be to be black...never able to feel like your people accomplished anything of import. To look around a civilized society built by whites and know deep down that instead of contributing to society blacks as a whole do nothing but destroy good things.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog but he doesn't whistle.

Do dogs whistle Dixie; is that what the Pitch is implying?

Now dogs are racist ?

Holy shit; even dogs don't like black people?

Frances said...

Bitch Weakly strikes another blow(job) for social(ly transmitted) JustUs!

Anonymous said...

Not really, no. One positive outcome of the BLM nonsense is that in its insane overreach it's finally destroyed white guilt except among leftists.