Thursday, September 17, 2020

Taggers Hit Midtown Kansas City

Not all public painting inspires political controversy, here’s a glimpse at the cowtown criminal class marking territory and offering an illicit contribution to the local discourse:

'There is no art to this': Midtown business owners become targets of graffiti vandalism

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Graffiti on several buildings throughout Midtown Kansas City is causing concern for some business owners. The latest tagging report happened at three businesses located at 28th and Cherry streets. "It kind of surprised me. Obviously this neighborhood is a good neighborhood. We put some money into the building.


Anonymous said...

How is this any different from the BLM street graffiti? Both are gang related. What did anyone expect? If you support the mayor, you brought it on yourself. Expect it to get worse not better.

Anonymous said...


Didn't the trumpers tag BLM too? Why don't you mention your Republican criminality as well?

Looks to me like KC loves to break the law.


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks blacks, for making KC the Mogadishu of the plains.

We are now officially a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Dr Rex Archer should be fired today.

Probably murdered thousands of Kansas Citians allowing 16,000 people to congregate at Chiefs game at Arrowhead spreading corona virus across the City.

Corona virus will be spread all over KC. Elderly will die, children lungs forever scarred.

Clark Hunt amd NFL should be sued by surviving family members amd also charged with manslaughter.

First Coumo and now Democrats Lucas and Archer murdering thousands by not following CDC Covid 19 guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Dat be art doe

Anonymous said...

Although I try not to criticize, this is a good look at the differences between Art and graffiti.

The taggers did not get a permit or put much effort in their design. I doubt they got paid anything. I will not be visiting these works.

The murals on the other hand are permitted and designed by professional artists with high standards for beauty and spirituality.

Some people on Tony said that BLM was graffiti, but now you see there is a big difference.

Peace out KC.

Charlie Horse said...

That Burn Loot Murder "artwork" looks like it was designed in MS Paint a 9th grader.

Anonymous said...

No worse than the graffiti on the streets in Briarcliff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, graffiti? Was this work of the looters, the rioters or the agitators?

Let's all panic about the need for law & order.

Oh, the horror. The horror...

Anonymous said...

Blacks will turn any nice neighborhood into a shit hole, whether it's graffiti on the buildings or in the street.

Drive through any black neighborhood it's littered with trash. it does not cost anything to pick up the trash in your yard or in front of your house and put your trash out on the curb once a's a culture thing.