Monday, September 21, 2020

Show-Me Witness Protection Bill Signing In Kansas City Today

Here's what might or might not help lower the quotient of historic violence in KCMO . . . Sadly, this paltry legislation is the only thing to come out of the pricey, emergency anti-crime/violence session. Checkit: 

Governor Parson to sign Missouri's witness protection bill on Monday (AUDIO) - Missourinet

Legislation that's aimed at providing witness protection will be signed into law Monday afternoon by Missouri's governor in Kansas City and Joplin. The bipartisan witness protection legislation was one of Governor Mike Parson's (R) top priorities for the recent special session on violent crime. State Rep.


Anonymous said...

arrogant cattleman governor wastes $300,000 for a special session during a pandemic that does not address the pandemic.

special session in a legislature with supermajorities of his own party. governor fails to stand up coronavirus testing in the state, ands even though he and his staff are tested weekly, LOL the general assembly is gathered in and packed into the capitol with no testing!!!

so what was accomplished?

the cities are talked about negatively, thanks governor. yeah that's gonna attract a great job-creator to our state, having this rich rural landowner flap his jowls about how bad st louis is.

the witness protection bill is passed but it does not accomplish anything the funding isn't there yet.

they weigh in on local matters of st louis - city residency requirement for city employees. The governor and general assembly are just glorified St Louis Board of Aldermen now apparently.

it was funny though to see the speaker bang his gavel and walk out with no notice to the press or to the senate or to the minority. I think he was pissed off at the governor's bullshit grandstanding. it's not his grandstanding. he doesn't wanna get covid19!

Bandit said...


Anonymous said...

^^EXACTLY what we think of everyone of your posts! Good job dummy, you're learning!

Anonymous said...

^can you please go away and stop spamming the threads? Can't you take the hint and realize nobody is responding to anything you say? You're just filling the the threads with junk and responding to your own innanne posts.

Anonymous said...

^ ^ Exactly what we think of you asshole.

Retro ROCKER said...

9:41 Missouri is a Red State you will influence NO ONE .THE Globalist And World Order Great HOAX and Looting and Rioting has made the state and the nation more conservative .ENJOY THE SHOW.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it's not a red state. Weird.

Retro ROCKER said...

You have a Republican Governor and Senators. More then Socialist being elected. Do your research. And Missouri voters voted for the Orange Man. And will again .MISSOURI IS A RED STATE. THERE are Few socialist that voted for Cleaver.