Friday, September 25, 2020

Show-Me Sen. Blunt Downplaying Prez Trump 'Rigged Vote' Campaign 2020 Ploy

We always try to find some reassuring news for our late night bloggy denizens. And so, here's AN ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN standing up for the integrity of Democracy that's seemingly in flux for those who believe everything they see on cable TV news.  

Take a look:

Sen. Roy Blunt urges confidence in voting after Trump criticizes election system

WASHINGTON D.C. - Republican Senator Roy Blunt addressed Congress on September 24, urging politicians and the public to take faith that the upcoming election will have safe and fair voting. "Confidence in the voting process is the thread that holds the fabric of democracy together," Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., said.


Anonymous said...

If you want to chase away Stacy Shaw and her dirty sheep just threaten them with soap shaving cream and razors. They are dirty AF

Anonymous said...

Trump never said that. Because he was never asked that.

Notice the only reporting you'll see is Trump's response. This should be your first clue of the media's lie, when they only paraphrase the question he is asked.

The slimy Playboy reporter asked "Win, lose or draw, will you commit to peacefully transfering power". Go, now, find video of his question.

You'll have to look on c-span because every news outlet either doesn't carry it, or starts his remarks after his predicate "win, lose or draw".

I even watched CNN once show him asking the question, muting him while he said the predicate.

They are such liars.

Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt is a RINO he's no better than John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Right @7:27, HOW DARE Blunt voice anything but absolute agreement with our God-Anointed Ruler-For-Life Donald the First!

Every one of these damned cowardly atheistic American Patriots should be jailed and shot! Where do they think they live, some sort of Anarchic Democracy where just ANYBODY has the freedom to say what they think?

Let's dig up McCain and shoot him as an example and warning for the rest of these Traitors!

Anonymous said...

Fuck voting.
I want to know what happened to Matt Blunt.
I haven't had a good head job in the toilet at the Mall since he scurried out of Jeff City.

Bandit said...

I'm having so much fun watching libtard heads explode this week that I set the DVR for 4 pm on CNN and MSNBC and am actually recording that angry little man, Rachel Madcow, tonight.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the Senate panel that examines potential Supreme Court judges, acknowledged Thursday she did not have the power to block President Donald Trump's nominee from passing through the Republican-controlled Senate.


Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt is a swamp creature.

Byron Funkhouser said...

He's been telling us all along what his intentions are & along the way he's been sharing his rationalizations.

My favorite one is how he claims that impeachment entitles him to a third term.

People who "like" Trump like him because he hates the same people they do.

He has no qualifications & no positive attributes.

He's just a piece of shit.

Reality Speaker said...

Always liked Blunt, but having strong second thoughts lately. Thank goodness for Hawley.

Bandit said...

It grates the libtards to no end. Nothing they have tried to do to get big bad orange man out of office has worked and now they are going to get a SCOTUS nomination/confirmation right up the ass. They are squealing like Ned Beatty in Deliverance and there is not jack shit they can do about it. If the tables were turned they would do the exact same thing. Fuck em.

P.S. You libtards lost the election and are going to lose another one. Please keep the antic up. It is absolutely hilarious to watch!

Anonymous said...

The military doesnt like trump. They will not allow him to stay in office if he loses. The Marines will refuse to fly his chopper and disable it. The airforce will not allow him on Air Force 1. The Army will block his limo. Tyhe Secret Service will take a vacation and go sleep with call girls like they all did a few years ago, as they dont want to get involved. Trump's phone lines will be cut, his twitter account turned off. My 2 year old baby will be more powerful than Trump at that point.

Anonymous said...

^ ^ And people thought Air Amerika was dead.

Anonymous said...



Bandit said...

A little over 2 hours until the libtards lose their shit over the SCOTUS nominee they can't stop. Everybody have their popcorn ready?

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see the crazy bulldykes and ugly straight women in their pussy hats committing Hari-Kari on the steps of the Court.