Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Show-Me Numbers Game: Kansas City Disputes Missouri COVID-19 Low Ball Count

NEWSFLASH: The numbers have been hopelessly politicized and the plebs don't know exactly who to trust as people as people are still (and always have been) getting sick and dying. 

Show-Me news reality check regarding Missouri public health: Hospitalizations up 286% in outstate Missouri since June

Sadly, today's newspaper report hidden behind the paywall doesn't provide any help. And so we post the link tease merely to entertain our blog community and remind locals to wash their hands and whatever other body part gets dirty.


Missouri's COVID-19 data not 'accurate depiction' for Kansas City, local officials say

The number of COVID-19 cases reported for Kansas City on the state of Missouri's new dashboard is not an accurate depiction of the local coronavirus situation, officials say. Gov. Mike Parson announced the release of the new website Monday.


Anonymous said...

So kcmo is showing 11,387 cases since the outbreak started in March without deducting the recovered or deaths and the state it appears is showing current active cases of the Kung fu flu, you can’t keep people scared and businesses shut down if you tell the truth. Mayor dumbass and the fake dr Rex want you scared and staying home to keep the narrative alive and well and the state just told them to fuck off! I love it!

Anonymous said...

It appears the fake dr Rex has been adding Jackson counties numbers and kcmo together.... what a douche bag.

I for one am glad the state finally decided to use its resources to find out how many active cases we have. Kcmo has to report to the state daily and the state exposed their lies. God bless Governor Parsons for telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

So kcmo only has 4988 active cases and not the over 12,000 numbers their using to freak people out huh?

Anonymous said...

How do you expect to scare the hell out of people to control them if the real facts indicate these assholes are lying to us about the dreaded spike. They have been saying bullshit for months. a virus does not nullifiy the Constitution.

Bandit said...

OF course they do! If the numbers are real they have no reason to crack done! Fuck em! I left. Stay the course assholes!

Anonymous said...

The fact that China is giving everyone a untested and unproven Covid19 vaccine means they are desperate and know something we may not. They have had it longer than us, and I hear of relapse and many deaths. Please keep in mind the Chinese have never cared for their people at all, and yet they are pulling out the stops and issuing an unproven vaccine