Sunday, September 06, 2020

Show-Me Motorcycle Last Words On Missouri Helmet Law After Deadly Crash: At Least He Died Doing What He Loved

A refrain that will grow more commonplace over weeks and year as we respect this perspective of freedom whilst reminding riders to PLEASE FILL OUT AN ORGAN DONOR CARD in order to help something besides gear head ego.

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Choice versus safety: Missouri scales back motorcycle helmet law

When Columbia resident Ricky Reeves was killed in a four-vehicle crash on Interstate 70 last Saturday, his death appeared to be the latest statistic in a well-documented line of motorcycle-related deaths in Missouri and around the country.


Anonymous said...

The "at least he died doing what he loved" is a ignorant phrase. So someone enjoyed dying alone, painfully and unexpectedly? He wasn't technically riding a motorcycle when he died - he was on the ground when he died. Its like saying a pilot who accidentally falls out of an airplane and hits the ground died doing what he "loved". Really? He died away from the plane, on the ground, unexpectedly. And he didnt want to die. And maybe it wasnt his fault. Dead is dead. Whats the difference if he passed out and died in a chair, or in his sleep, or at work? The motorcycle somehow makes it more tolerable? Really folks!

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t matter if he was wearing a helmet or not, you crash a motorcycle and more often than not your just as dead, helmet or not.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I was in the spinal cord wing at the VA hospital for almost a year. I had five room mates. All of them were paralyzed for life because motorcycle accidents
Why would you trust moving at high speed with only two wheels?

He died doing what he loved said...

No its not. It's truthful and accurate. Just like the assholes who refuse to wear a mask and die of COVID. Death well earned. This guy wanted to speed on his motorbike without any safety equipment? You got it budfy, and all the things that come with it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

National Transportation Administration statistics...

1) Motorcycles and motor scooters constitute 3% of all registered Motor Vehicles in the USA.
2) Motorcycles ae involved in 55% of all annual Traffic Fatalities.
3) Of those Fatalities, 93% are as a result of single vehicle accidents.

Helmets aren't going to make much of a dent in those numbers, but their lack may push #3 a bit higher.

Anonymous said...

Harley Davidsons sound they way the due because of "valve overlap". At a certain point in the crankshaft rotation both the intake and exhaust valve are open - at the same time! Reverbarations and preasure waves cause the putt putt pulse sound. Very ineffective motor. A high output efficient motor will sound like a pocket rocket bike from Japan. Valve all close fast and tight.

Riding a Harley for the "putt putt" is not worth your life! Riding horses on streets and highways would be safer than motorcycles. Buy a car.

Anonymous said...

You just gave me a woody