Thursday, September 17, 2020

Show-Me Mostly Worthless Missouri Special Session Against Crime Shut Down

There wasn’t much accomplished in this meeting of Missouri legislators demanded by Guv Parson. Kansas City Mayor Q requested stricter regs against guns to no avail. Other than Republicans flexing on the STL AG WITHOUT passing legislation to make any real changes . . . Nothing really "special" was achieved.

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Missouri House Abruptly Ends Special Session On Violent Crime, Dumps Legislation Aimed At St. Louis

In a surprising move, the Missouri House abruptly ended the special legislative session on violent crime, failing to consider several proposals from Gov. Mike Parson after passing two others. "I am as shocked as you all are, probably, about what just happened regarding this special session," said Minority Leader Crystal Quade in a press conference right after lawmakers gaveled out Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Oops, KCUR, dint read.

Anonymous said...

Costs of a special session are for the electricity bill.