Show-Me Kansas City & STL Leading Missouri Coronavirus Count

Check the MSM view of the ongoing pandemic that might differ from all of our friends playing doctor via social media. Read more:


Missouri hits 6 months since first reported COVID-19 case. Here's where we stand now

ST. LOUIS ( -- Monday marks six months since the first COVID-19 case was announced in St. Louis County. Since then, more than 95,500 Missourians have been infected with coronavirus. Life has undoubtedly changed for everybody in the past six months.


  1. Q: How many doctors does it take to get a portable X-ray machine through the door frame?

    A: SIX! 2 to drag it through, 3 to provide consults, and 1 to serve as stand-by in case of emergency!

  2. The Protesters and Fifty Thousand people A day, going through WALMART SUPER CENTERS. HOLD YOUR BREATH .

  3. I don't see any statistics showing MO hospitals are near capacity despite what the report claims.

    The virus is more widespread but less deadly than ever now that we are protecting the elderly, using more steroids, and less ventilators.


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