Monday, September 14, 2020

Show-Me Guv Parson's Not-So-Special Missouri Crime Fighting Session Kaput

Republicans don't seem very enthusiastic about supporting their boss . . . Meanwhile, Kansas City Democratic Party denizens lead outcry against the Jeff City honcho during election season.

Here's a worthwhile and balanced view:

As Parson's crime session comes to a close, here's what you need to know

Back in mid-July, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson stood in the Capitol rotunda and called legislators back to Jefferson City to address a troubling rise in violent crime in the state's major cities.


Anonymous said...

The governor is not responsible for the three dimwit run cities murderous blacks, he can’t do anything because they refuse to ask for help from him and the honest answer is they won’t help themselves. Dimwits love murder.

Anonymous said...

Actually the governor is. It's why he called a special session.

BTW, 4 of the 5 KC police commissioners are appointed by the governor. KC is fighting to get local control. They don't have it now.

The accidental governor failed again, getting nothing out his GOP assembly. The governor running on a law & order platform has delivered neither.

Hyperblogal said...

Mayor James appointed a crime commission. 20-some members, no police. That has made a huge difference. I'm sure a special legislative session will be equally successful.