Saturday, September 26, 2020


The mainstream media has been exceptionally kind to the Missouri Guv after he tested positive for coronavirus along with his wife this week. HOWEVER, one of our favorite Missouri bloggers shares an important "gotcha" moment with his readers that offers a scathing rebuke of the Guv's pandemic policy.

Take a look: 

Mike Parson the hypocrite? Photos of Parson's unmasked signing in Carthage nowhere to be found on his photo page

The photos of Gov. Mike Parson's ceremonial signing of HB 66 into law Monday that are available on the governor's Flickr page, appear to reflect the governor's efforts to be a good leader by acting responsibly and wearing a mask to protect others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Appearances can be deceiving.


Anonymous said...

The arrogant cattleman governor and his family and staff get tested weekly. Yet he has failed to stand up testing in the state. Shit man be couldn’t be bothered to even test the general assembly when he gathers and packs them in the capitol for the grandstand special session.

All Paraon does is wasteful spending of the one-time federal gravy. He hasn’t furloughed a single state employee even while the state economy was closed this spring. So much for “run the govt like a business” LOL

But he’s a self-made man alright. Just look at all the land wealth he inherited tax free and now he puts cows on it.

Anonymous said...

^^ Keep whining libtard. We're all laughing at your immaturity. Typical, typical.