Monday, September 28, 2020

Show-Me Coronavirus Hitting Rural Missouri

The Guv and his wife have the virus and now more red state voters are becoming sick whilst coping with the pandemic that is the subject of continued political debate as hospitalizations and deaths mount.


Outside Of St. Louis And Kansas City, Coronavirus Cases Rise In Missouri

The St. Louis region has seen ups and downs recently in its coronavirus case numbers, but elsewhere in the state the number of cases is rising quickly. Nine counties in Missouri have had case counts increase by more than 20% last week, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.


Anonymous said...

Boo-fuckin’-hoo. Die already MAGATs!

Anonymous said...

This is the legacy of the accidental governor Mike Parson.

Heck of a job.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Keep whining libs. You're going to be in the fetal positions again when Trump wins reelection.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet that will never, ever, happen. Weird.