Monday, September 14, 2020

Show-Me Accusations Against 'Demonic' Masks From Missouri Politico

Again, Missouri has reported more than 100K infections so far . . . There are currently 1000 Show-Me State COVID-19 hospitalizations right now.

Meanwhile, this "alternative" theory is getting a bit of traction. Checkit:

Mask wearing is part of "demonic ritual" to take away rights, says former Missouri gubernatorial candidate

Former Missouri gubernatorial candidate Saundra McDowell recently suggested that mask wearing is part of a "demonic ritual" to take away "God-given rights." In a Facebook post from September 10, McDowell shared a picture of herself not wearing a mask while at a local Walmart, and criticized the use of masks to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.


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Anonymous said...

And this sort of insanity is a big part of why she is a "former Gubernatorial Candidate" and not a "former Governor". (Well, this and her qualifications.)