Shawnee Po-Po Deny Racism And Family Complaints After Youngster Beat Down

Double take on this story that continues to stir nationwide attention. Read more:

Shawnee police don't think race involved in attack on girl; family disagrees, calling for justice

SHAWNEE, Kan. - An incident report from the Shawnee Police Department says they do not think an attack last Friday on an 11-year-old Kansas City, Kansas girl had anything to do with race. But Nevaeh Thomas' family believes differently. "All I wanted to say about this is that we need to stop hate racism.


  1. Maybe one them is just a common garden variety ass hole.

  2. It's a damn sha6ke when a young girl can't play without getting assulted. Maybe the two will become friends and marry someday.

  3. Remember Canon Hinnant9/3/20, 8:04 PM

    So many stories about race out there, like (((Jessica Krug))), an African studies professor at Georgetown University who has been posing as Black her entire adult life. Turns out Ms (((Krug))) is a Jew who grew up in suburban Kansas City. I guess Tony was going to get around to covering that eventually.

  4. She's just following in the footsteps of Rachel Dolezol and Fauxcahonta Warren pretending to be what she's not so she can get a free pass.

  5. 8:01

    During slow Joe's "everybody be quiet cause I'm old as hell" speech today, he actually looked an older black woman in the face and asked her if she ever thought she would turn on the TV and see so many commercials with bi-racial couples. As if the woman would think this was some kind of prize.

  6. As least he didn't offer her fried chicken and watermelon so he is getting better at it. 🤣


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