Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Senator Hawley Stands Up For Po-Po

The Missouri politico is always hit and miss and might be desperately searching for a new political "daddy" if Prez Trump loses.

However, this move should receive widespread support. Checkit:

Sen. Hawley to introduce 'David Dorn Back the Blue Act'

ST. LOUIS ( - U.S. Senator Josh Hawley will introduce the "David Dorn Back the Blue Act" Wednesday. The bill would amend the "Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968" to authorize $15 billion for the U.S. Attorney General to fund more officer hiring and salary increases for state and local law enforcement.


Bandit said...

This should drive blm over the edge. How dare he! 😏

Anonymous said...

Another issue to grab another headline, right, Lil' Joshie?
Ever found anything at all you could do for the people you were actually elected to represent?
Nope? Thought not.
Oh well, how's the job search there in your hometown of Washington going?

Anonymous said...

^^Fuck off.
Josh shows a great box.

Retro ROCKER said...

If you live in Missouri or Kansas, you are lucky. I Was Born in Missouri. But I have lived among the Rich and Famous in Connecticut. And seen the Sun come,up on Santa Monica Blvd .and Set in Marina Delray. If you stay away from the big City's in Missouri and Kansas. You will be Just Fine. The Blue States and City's have it bad .

Anonymous said...

So Retro has mowed lawns in Connecticut and lived on the street in California?
I, on the other hand, have spent my youth in small towns in Missouri and know all too well what dying shitholes they and what inbred and smallminded hypocrites the people in them are! Spend some time with the people in those dumps Retro, you'll scurry back to KC damn fast.

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeeeeeeesus Criminy. The guys represented by the most powerful unions around who are rarely held accountable for shit that would get other people canned in a heartbeat.....need more fucking backing. Give.Me.A.Fucking.Break.

And don't give me this blue lives matter bullshit. Newsflash, being a cop is a dangerous job....still not as dangerous as being a logger, a garbage man, a roofer, a farmer, hell, not even in the Top 10, but these people CHOOSE to be cops.


Anonymous said...

Well, God knows your job of tough talking keyboard warrior is safe, anyhow. Thank God!

Stay home. Enjoy shitposting. People who understand sacrifice and risk will keep you safe so you can vent more bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Suppertime chimpy. The sistas have contributed some of their very fattest fleas.

Anonymous said...

Anthony BUSH city attorney for Kansas city city hall throw yourself at the mercy of the court.

Folks onto alleged money schemes with the WORKMANS compensation fund and OFF the record injury settlements.

Anonymous said...

5:53. You’re quite a tough guy as you sit on your keyboard. Must also be a BLM supporter who has his facts wrong. The fact is, cops dealing with the
Left wing radicals face one of the most dangerous jobs in the industry for some of the lowest pay even compared to the other jobs you list. Minimizing the cops and what they do for us, is a cowardly thing to do. I am guessing you’d be the first to call the cops if you were in danger.

Anonymous said...

^^^You got stats to back that up buddy? It's pretty simple, google it. Cops ain't in the Top 10 for dangerous jobs. So, you can put that little nugget away.

You got any facts to back up the lowest pay? Anything?

I've never really been in danger in all my years on this planet, so I guess I'm fortunate. I've probably called the cops when a bike was stolen or something along those lines. Guess what happened? Not a lot.

I know some cops. Good guys as far as I know. I also know cops protect each other at all costs. Even bad cops. The system is designed to protect them and that's wrong.