Saturday, September 26, 2020

Screw The Homeless: Kansas City Dude Works For Pet Shelter Comfort

In a perfect world, this gesture of kindness would be greatly appreciated. Sadly, the well-meaning yet misguided anthropomorphism should mostly remind locals that there are quite a few PEOPLE without adequate shelter and their plight will get worse as the weather grows colder. 


Man on mission to get soft beds to shelter animals

One man is on mission to give a soft, warm bed to every shelter pet in Kansas and Missouri."The first thing that came to mind for me was, 'These would be perfect for animal shelters,'" said animal advocate Scott Poore.Poore said he got the idea after a recent trip to IKEA."It's the perfect size for a bed for a dog or a cat," he said.The foam bathroom floor mat is a popular item.


Damn All Marxists said...

Dogs are cuter than any street hobos and will eat their crap unlike any street hobos.

Anonymous said...

Scott Poore is one of the most decent things about the KC metro. He does more good works in a day than the majority of “activists” do in a year.

Anonymous said...

Good on him! Kicked in a little..