Monday, September 14, 2020

School District Honcho Seyz: Shawnee Mission Sick & Tired Of Having No Class

A glimpse at the effort to send students back to schools despite pandemic risk. Read more:

More than 1,300 SMSD students want to return to classroom, district says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hundreds of Shawnee Mission School District students and parents now want a return to the classroom. More than 1,300 students have asked to move from remote learning to in-person instruction, according to the district, while nearly 300 want to switch to remote learning from in-person.


Anonymous said...

If she would have been my teacher I would never miss class!

Anonymous said...

^^She was my teacher. She was a lesbo.

Anonymous said...

Life under Marxist Democrat Party control:

1. No schools
2. No law enforcement
3. No road repairs

We should no longer have to pay taxes as the government now provides NO services ^^

Anonymous said...


After my teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, urged me to apply myself and push forward, sure enough it all turned out in the end!!!