Friday, September 25, 2020

Rock Chalk Coronavirus Crowd Approved

Quick peek at football fans getting up close & personal despite pandemic numbers rising.

Take a look:

KU plans to allow 10,000 fans into stadium for Oct. 3 game

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) -- On Friday, the University of Kansas said they will allow 10,000 fans into Memorial Stadium for the Oct. 3 game against Oklahoma State. This comes after KU made the decision to begin the fall athletics season without fans, including their first home football game against Coastal Carolina.


Anonymous said...

They haven’t had 10000 KU fans at a game since 2008. Usually outnumbered by fans of the opponent. Probably 95% of Lawrence and KU are homosexuals and they don’t care about football. Rock Chalk, suck cock, Gay U.

Anonymous said...

Memorial Stadium has practiced social distancing for decades.

When was the last time 10,000 showed up for a game? This might be the safest place to be in all of Lawrence.

Anonymous said... "powerhouse" M.U. 29 1/2 points underdog to 'Bama for tomorrow nite's home game LOLOL!!

MU sucks even worse in hoops


Anonymous said...

8000 of them will be Oklahoma State fans.

Anonymous said...

Is Sharon Parke still a KU pinup calendar girl???