Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Redux: Kansas City Docs Claim We're All Gonna Die Of Coronavirus Again

Right now we're sharing a repeat local news link for the late night because it features important public health info that should be treated seriously despite its horrible, pedantic messaging.

Top Hospital Doctors Warn Kansas City On The Verge Of Uncontrolled Coronavirus Spread


“Either we get greater control of the virus or the virus will take greater control of our health, our economy, our daily activities,” said Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas Mayor David Alvey, who hosted the event.

"University of Kansas Health Systems Chief Medical Officer Steven Stites and others on the call said area residents need to increase preventive measures, including the wearing of masks indoors and outdoors, maintaining social distancing and limiting group gatherings to no more than 10 people.

"An average of 90 people are currently being admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 each day in the metro area, and representatives of several hospitals said those patients were already straining their capacity."

This is good advice, we accept it and the warning should be understood by people smart enough to rely on the counsel of medical professionals.

Sadly, there's no denying that group Internets lectures during one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in modern American history might be "overkill" for lack of a better term.

And so we conclude our night of posting with a bit of SATIRE that isn't medical advice but offers a moment of respite from bad news in much the same way the hookers help to fight the spread of this virus, if not others.

Sex workers recommend ‘reverse cowgirl’ to prevent spread of coronavirus

Anyhoo, because a few of you d-bags won't stop sending this video my way, here's the joke clip that's good for a couple of laughs which might or might not be the last . . .

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Funny post title but you should have just shared the link without any commentary, too important to joke about.

Douché said...

We can always joke about reverse cowgirl. It's a God given 'Merican constitutional right. Sorry. Not Sorry.

Anonymous said...


Foolish said...

^^^ Fool who follows fool.

Anonymous said...

Just 2 more weeks...

These idiots have been wrong everytime.

Anonymous said...

Time to flip the panic switch again!

Bandit said...


And doctors wonder why people don't listen to them. 🤣

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do they think we don’t remember the last bunch of doomsday predictions about millions dying that they made? Bad models are still bad models and they have cried wolf too many times.

Anonymous said...

FAILURE TO DISCLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We have zero ties to industry. We have zero ties to politics. We're just here to tell you what we think is the truth,” said University of Kansas Health System Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Stites, as he moderated the discussion.

FYI: Steven Stites (60) is married to Sandra Stites (60), share the same address and phone number in KCMO, off Ward Parkway.

Contributor information
Earmarked by ACTBLUE
City and state KANSAS CITY, MO, 641122474
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Amount $500.00
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Report year 2020
Reported on Form 3 on line 11AI
Election type GENERAL
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Political party DEMOCRATIC PARTY
Type Senate
State Kansas

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:28 fat and stupid is no way to go through life. At least 9:15 is doing the research that the news will not. There is not a single apolitical Doctor who thinks masks should be required or that shut downs had any beneficial effect over the cost to society. Every time a Doctor is paraded out to give a supposed unbiased medical opinion, you will find support of the progressive party. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Fauci, Pelosi and Mayor Q don't wear masks. They don't social distance either. They aren't afraid. Why should we be?

Bandit said...

Libtard mask Nazis strike again!

Anonymous said...

^^Stop spamming the thread with Russian Propaganda links. Nobody clicks on them.

Bandit said...

Look Ma! No mask! 🤣

Anonymous said...

^^Stop posting links to Russian propaganda sites!

Anonymous said...

bollier = schumer