Thursday, September 03, 2020

Only 25 More Years Until Kansas City Royals Make It Back To World Series

The corona season has been exceptionally unkind to the home team, here's tonight's heartache and a reminder that the glory days are long gone . . . Read more:

Five-run innings doom Royals in 11-6 loss to White Sox

A pair of five-run innings sunk Danny Duffy and the Royals in a series-opening 11-6 loss to the a White Sox tonight. The loss was Kansas City's 8th in the span of 11 games while Chicago moved to within half a game of Cleveland in the AL Central.


Anonymous said...

we'll always have 2015, some of us will always have 1985, too.

Anonymous said...

Strike one-BLM
Strike two-They bought Covid hook, line, and sinker.
Strike three-they suck

This team won’t be here in 3-5 years and nobody will care.