Friday, September 04, 2020

No Early Release As Kansas City Frame Up For Firefighter Deaths Stays Winning

Friday realization that "social justice" is a nice idea but the reality of a RAILROADING that most locals admit kind of proves otherwise.

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Judge Denies Early Release To Defendant Convicted In Explosion That Killed Six Kansas City Firefighters

One of five co-defendants sentenced to life in prison without parole for the deaths of six Kansas City firefighters 32 years ago has lost her bid for compassionate release from prison. U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan Jr.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you're gonna keep a person like that you need to change her diet immediately - diabetes is gonna lead to dementia, amputations, dialysis, liver damage, etc. Who wants to pay for all of that?

Apple, avacado, celery, unsweetened powdered chocolate, and cantelope all blended together for smoothies can be a start.

Anonymous said...

She was sexy thing when she went in. Her pictures in the paper made her look like a model. She could have had quite the priviledged life had she not gone to jail. She could have traded sex for drugs, thus no tools needed to be stolen for drug money. And everyone would be happy and alive.

Anonymous said...

Union thugs are the real perps. Local investigative reporter dug that up. The authorities needed a fast resolution for PR reasons.

Anonymous said...