Newsflash: Kansas City Homicide Spikes Amid Horrific Coronavirus Summer 2020

Consideration of the HISTORIC Kansas City murder spike has garnered national news interest over the past few months and weeks. Today, the newspaper attempts to chronicle the carnage and charge readers for comments from local politicos and authorities who still haven't developed much of a plan to stop the violence.

A peek behind the paywall . . .

KC suffers its deadliest summer in at least 10 years as feds shine national spotlight

Kansas City suffered its deadliest summer in at least a decade this year, with detectives investigating 69 homicides from Memorial Day to Labor Day. While the May holiday fell earlier and the September one later, summer 2020 was still an outlier: 52 people were slain during those months in 2019 and 45 in 2018, according to data kept by The Star, which includes fatal police shootings.


Anonymous said…
Mayor Lucas has hereby been dubbed the king of murder! Hahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
By who? You? So, some dipshit, apparently.
Anonymous said…
But even with murder records being shattered in KCMO week after week, the poor 'ole Star just couldn't bring themselves to accurately identify the demographic and geographic realities of the homicides.
Nor could the cub reporters find the courage to mention the importance of personal responsibility and behavior instead of carrying the tired old water of "lack of opportunity, jobs, and health care".
Can't wait for the hard-hitting series on "gun violence" soon to appear.
Anonymous said…

After begging the Governor for assistance with the KCMO violence under his watch, Lucas pointed the finger at federal agents calling them meddling outsiders.

Soft-on-crime Prosecutor Baker followed suit and said her "restorative justice" talk therapy initiatives just needed a little more time and money.

BLM protestors, whom Lucas marched and knelt with, caused the City to spend an unplanned several million dollars for additional policing protection.

The corporate welfare recipient KC Chiefs, owned by a non-resident Texas billionaire, felt the need to publicly share their social justice conversion with a national audience, while their former employee was fighting to keep his 9ine Ultra Lounge shooting range open for business.
Anonymous said…
Quit being such cuntholes over a few murders. Baltimore has 234 murders and Chicago has 554. St Louis has 192 murders and equaled our all time record high 153 murders by July.
Anonymous said…
Has the king of murders lickass come out with a plan to get his people to stop killing each other? Didn’t think so.
Anonymous said…

NO NO NO homicide spiked after the riots and the criminals found out they can walk away with no consequences.