Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Here are life lessons for these students who couldn't stop partying amid the pandemic . . . Read more:

Mizzou expels two students, suspends three for violating COVID-19 safety guidelines

COLUMBIA, Mo. - University of Missouri officials announced on Tuesday that two students have been expelled and three students were suspended for willful and knowing actions that threatened the safety of the campus and the Columbia community. The sanctions followed violations of the university's rules and regulations related to the pandemic, including requirements that COVID [...]


Anonymous said...

Not one kid without co-morbidity issues has or will die from this, but sure Karen, kick them out of school.

Actually, if your parents send you to MU, a shit hole school full of "triggered" professors and populated by a student body constantly on the lookout for micro-aggressions - then what the fuck did you expect?

If there are no 65 to 80 year old freshmen running the halls, then, hey, guess what? No problem.

Anonymous said...

Don't let facts interfere with your hysterical panic political plague.

Anonymous said...

China man run mu into ground, he hate merica

Anonymous said...

The Chancellor, Dr. Choi, is actually an American of Korean heritage and he doesn't put up with the Commie Professor crap. He's actually doing a good job and trying to create financial stability for the University with the Commie professors trying to undermine his efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hahahhahahahhahahaa, no he's not, well not putting up with the commie shit anyway. There continues to be 10 or so "diversity coordinators" under his tenure. All making 150k or more. That's embracing and encouraging the commie shit.