Tuesday, September 01, 2020

More Deets On Mayor Q 'Reforming' KCPD

Another conversation on a slate of reforms that are already policy in addition to more citizen interaction.

Take a listen:

Kansas City's Mayor Is Calling For Changes To Police Department Policies

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas isn't calling for the Kansas City Police Department to be defunded, or for the firing of its police chief. What he is asking for is a series of changes to department policy that would, among other things, require officers to intervene when they come across other officers using excessive force.


Bandit said...

Good luck jackass! Your opinion is a fart in the wind at this point!

Anonymous said...

Don’t be too cocky! A new Governor might just switch out the BOPC rather quickly.

Anonymous said...


Good call @10:13 - Interesting.

Bandit said...

If wishes were horses....

Retro ROCKER said...

Most of the people committing the Crime are repeat offenders. Why do you let them out .And QUENTON WANTS TO BLAME THE POLICE. QUENTON gather your people together. Twice a week And educate Them about Law and order. And the crime rate will go down.

Anonymous said...

Another "proposal" from a make-believe college professor who doesn't know much of anything about what actually goes on in the streets or has tried to learn much of anything about the realities confronting police officers every day.
How, exactly, does Lucas define "excessive force" that might in any way apply to the myriad of situations confronting police?
How, exactly, does he define "intervene"?
When you propose mushy hard-to-define policies trying to direct people's behavior in every difficult situation, you end up with individuals reluctant to take any action at all.
This would make police work even more dangerous than it already is, particularly in certain parts of KCMO.
How about working with "the community" and its "leaders" to reduce the murder rate and fixing the streets?
And also trying to get a handle on the actual financial condition of KCMO, which is dire to say the least.
Lucas and KCMO are an embarrassment to the entire metro and region.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with asking officers to both enforce and follow the law during an arrest. Makes policing safer for everybody. Should have always been that way.

Anonymous said...

Cobra the Movie:

After putting down the psycho killer in the supermarket, Cobra was asked:

Reporter: "Was it necessary for it to end
like this? Did he have to die?
Did you use unnecessary deadly force?"

Cobra: "I used everything I had!"

Point is, the media and hysterical mob seem to be so surprised that when a simple detainment or arrest is met with deadly force because the perpetrator RESISTS, FIGHTS with cops, has a WEAPON, repeatedly REFUSES COMMANDS to drop the weapon under GUNS DRAWN, tries to ESCAPE and appears to be REACHING for something in the vehicle. Summary: The perp has flipped the switch then proceeds to escalate to the point of their own injury or demise.

As a cop, if I wanted to come home to my family every night, I too would use everything I had. In certain situations there is absolutely no time to second guess how a criminal seeks to end what he himself already started. In most cases the cops are not dealing with law abiding citizens in these situations, no matter what new history is fabricated by the ambulance chasing attorneys and the media.

Simple, criminals choice, the easy way or the hard. way. P E R S O N A L R E S P O N S I B I L T Y.
(yeah, but ....) MyBad

Anonymous said...

Mayor McDrinkerson attempting to pander to the mob. Who will our brave leader kneel to next?

Anonymous said...

Sure the Mayor is calling for changes to the police dept. He wants to defund them so he and his friends can terrorize white people. So for him to say he doesn't want to defund them is a LIE and anyone who believes him is just stupid. The idiot has dysfunctional upbringing issue as do 99.9% of blacks.

Anonymous said...

Reform police? This humorous stooge of a mayor couldn't reform a kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Their is no data that supports systemic racism in the police departments.

Approximately 13% of the population do approximately 50% of the crimes. The other 87% do the other half.

Their encounter rate with police is disproportionate because their crime rate is disproportionately higher than the rest of the population.

Their bad outcomes when encountered by the police are in proportion to their resistance rate which is abnormally higher than that of the rest of the population.

Yet Non Black police killings are higher than Blacks. The data in fact would seem to show more restraint when dealing with Blacks than their dumbass counter parts.

The false narratives start to fall apart when it moves from the hysterical mob and media into the legal realm where the true facts emerge.

Bottom line is there is no systemic racism to reform, especially in Kansas City other than that perpetrated by BLM, Democrats and the media against Non Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Well, but we have to have someone to blame. Otherwise we'd have to admit that black crime is as much of an issue as the statistics plainly show.

We have an eternal victimhood narrative to maintain for fucks sake!

Anonymous said...

But... slavery.