Wednesday, September 16, 2020

MO Guv Parson Winning Against COVID?!?

Alternative take on pandemic numbers inspire this victory lap . . . Take a look:

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson shares 'encouraging' COVID-19 rates, despite federal report

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson touted decreasing COVID-19 rates in the state, despite a White House report indicating Missouri still is in the "red zone." The federal report ranks Missouri as fourth, when looking at 100 new coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents. Previously, the state was ranked seventh.


Anonymous said...

Governor Parson is a great governor.

Anonymous said...

@FearTWD and @AMC_TV
Do u people think it is very reasonable 2charge 24.99 to watch season5 of fear the walking dead on amazon? How many people have lost jobs during pandemic, how many canceled their cable TV? u or amazon can't offer BIG discount 2a year old campy series?

"The mission to help others will be put to the ultimate test when our group lands in uncharted territory."

Anonymous said...

you're right 10:51, he's a smalll county sheriff who sure knows how to throw his weight around. like when he invited himself to speak at Ford, showed up and bad mouthed chinese made masks, yuk yuk, and was a non-essential visitor to the production floor in violation of rules during pandemic.

like when he has not stood up any testing at all in the state yet spends federal money on promoting tourism.

like how he inherited a buncha land wealth from his daddy and puts cows on it - he's a self-made man!

like how he's had a government job his entire adult life, because he's such a limited government conservative!

like how he has not furloughed one single state employee or any pay cuts to one single state employee even though the state economy that the gob't subsists on is way down and revenues are going to be extremely curtailed going forward.

like when he badmouth our cities, cuz you know that's gonna attract a great employer to come to KC or St Louis when the government is running his jowls talking about all the crime we have in cities.

wake up. he got the job by luck because of the revenge porn governor who could shoot a machine gun. he is a joke. we need a leader with a brain not just an arrogant cattle rancher.

Anonymous said...

Parson is pushing kids back to schools despite warnings from the White House about widespread infections that endangers everyone.

He said kids will get sick and go home and spread it there. No big deal.

The accidental governor already lost this race.