Saturday, September 05, 2020

MLB Short COVID Season 2020 Reveals Kansas City Royals Still Suck

Important insight and analysis offers a no-holds-barred glimpse at the home team and how so much media hype and cheerleadering hasn't helped the team advance.

A sign the news ownership has more than a few MONUMENTAL challenges to overcome on the path to getting the team back to the world series some time in the next 25 years.

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Hok Talk: What have we learned?

After tonight's game, the Royals will have officially played two-thirds of their season. Remember before the season when some people theorized that the Royals might find a way to be competitive in a short season with expanded playoffs and where they would only be playing opponents from the two potentially weakest divisions in the sport?


Anonymous said...

The MLB is dead too much woke for working Americans. They sided with the non fans and terrorist.

Anonymous said...

What's a baseball?

Anonymous said...

they blew it bigtime.

there's a real question as to how many fans will never go back.

many wiil, but some won't.

paying $600 for a game with good seats is out forever.