Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mean Jean Fights Rampant Kansas City Gunfire By Targeting Police

As historic violence plagues this town it seems that scathing indictments against authorities are part of the plan to curb so many metro shootings. Sadly, bullets continue to fly on local streets whilst a political battle persists betwixt elected officials and the po-po.

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Prosecutor Says Kansas City Police Response To Non-Fatal Shootings Is 'Pathetically Small'

It is not just homicides that are vexing Kansas City police. Non-fatal shootings are up 26% year-to-year, according to KCPD data. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says casework is filed in only 19% of those attacks. She calls that "a pathetically small number."


Anonymous said...

She's weak on crime and violent criminals and anti-police.

Hyperblogal said...

Arrested - charged- tried- paroled.... maybe the cops are tired of arresting the same folks time after time. Maybe someone with 3 pages worth of Casenet shouldn't be given bond. There's plenty of blame to go around.

Anonymous said...

How about people (witnesses) start talking and the police could clear the cases. And how about JPB start prosecuting rather than criticizing the police. Typical dem politician who is inefficient, plays politics with peoples lives.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she should read this story and then reconsider her stupidity

Anonymous said...

Petersucker has a willingness to prosecute hood rats that is pathetically small. Just continue to let the hood rats kill each other. Those crimes aren’t worth investigating. Investigate the crimes that need solved like the child that was killed this week.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, how many thousands of people are backlogged in missouri, waiting in jail to be run mindlessly through the mill of the court and receive mandatory sentences, Jean?

Missouri Court Backlog said...

Public Defender System asking for extra $3M to erase backlog of Missouri defendants
Probably not much progress on this huh, pandemic and all that.

Anonymous said...

She has no right to complain about anybody not doing their jobs, she’s been the prosecutor for ten years and the harshest punishment she can come up with for murder is probation. This idiot has more sympathy for the murderers than the victims and their families... think about that for a minute, in what world does a murderer get treated like the victim and get special treatment and the victim is treated like a murderer?

We all know it’s an election year and she’s up against a black republican woman who is smart and motivated. Petersucker has run out of excuses for failing to protect and serve the citizens and get justice for the victims families. #timeforachange