Tuesday, September 29, 2020

KCMO Claps Back Against Operation Legend

Stats from authorities took center stage as the law enforcement transitions into a new phase . . . Now locals share their opinions on the crackdown impact.


Residents question claims of Operation LeGend's success as KC homicides climb

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Monday afternoon, officials said after about 60 days with federal agents in Kansas City, crime is trending down and Operation Breakthrough made major strides. But not all residents believe there's been much of an impact. Mayor Quinton Lucas, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri Tim Garrison and KCPD [...]


Anonymous said...

What these idiots don’t understand is taking hundreds of murderers and thieves of the streets now means less crime and murder in the future and besides, are these the same idiots that didn’t want them here in the first place and screamed and hollered that they were going to arrest everybody? Funny how they claim nothing good happened when they themselves tied the feds hands behind their backs and couldn’t do more. Typical extreme leftist dimwit bullshit right there. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

How did they tie the Feds hands?

Anonymous said...

They never solved the huge shooting of 6, and 1 dead at Horseless Carriage auto sales at 16th and Minnesota and it was at a party with hundreds attending.

Anonymous said...

8:40 Isn't that in Kansas?

Anonymous said...

Bring more guns and ammo next time. Leave the lawyers at home.

Anonymous said...

Mission was not accomplished.

This operation was as fake as the Mexican paid wall that was never built.

Once again the Trump response is tweets, photo ops, press conferences, bragging, then retreat and quit. What a failure.