Saturday, September 05, 2020

KCK Deadly Double Homicide Overnight

The 2020 Summer spate of rising metro violence continues, this time across the state line.

Take a look:

KCK Police looking for help in late Friday night double homicide

olice in Kansas City, Kansas are trying to find out who shot and killed two men late Friday night.

Officers responded to North 31st Street near Wood Avenue in KCK just before 10 p.m. They found a man in his 50s shot in an alley.


Anonymous said...

Must be Q's fault.

Why didn't Trump stop this on day one?

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Excellent analysis!

Anonymous said...

Trump can't stop this you flipping idiots. It's states rights and Trump can't do anything until the city asks for help and they won't let Trump help we all know that except of course you morons. The only thing Trump can do is declare martial law and that's not what you want to do unless absolutely necessary.
So yes this is the fault of the mayor and Gov. of the state. Yes Quinton Lucas is at fault too.

Get educated Idiots

Anonymous said...

Just in time for the street murals honoring all black on black justice.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they provide faster police cars?

Anonymous said...

9:19. You seem to be the same idiot who froths at mouth continually asking the same question in every thread, THEN you praise yourself with a follow up comment.

You sound like a child, "but you said..." Boo FN Who.

Simple: City and State trumps Trump.

"No new taxes". "You can keep your current healthcare" etc. Political promises are conditional to reality, opposition, protocols, etc. Circumstances can and do interfere with accomplishments and timelines of the best of intentions.

You can use critical thinking or continue to stamp you feet.

Anonymous said...

Remember the dimwits have opposed every single thing Trump has tried to do and don’t forget, they’re 0-7 in impeachment attempts so they’re pouting like five year olds and won’t support anything Trumps comes up with because.... babies that’s why.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet Trump is one of only three presidents who were impeached. Weird.

Anonymous said...

bring back alcohol prohibition.

Anonymous said...

Shows you the Dems will do anything to win. They are the party of lies, cheating, crime, violence, and protest. Used to be a semi-reputable group, no loner the case.