KCI Tuesday Scare & Road Shut Down

Old school fans of Fight Club can repeat along regarding this story that we’re mostly just using for filler: It’s a dildo.

Take a look at the issue "resolved" and returned to the rightful owner . . .

Hazmat incident resolved outside Terminal C at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police and emergency responders investigating "a suspicious item" at Kansas City International Airport reopened roadway access to Terminal C after a 45-minute closure Tuesday evening. The previous alert has concluded. Terminal C and the associated roadway have reopened.


  1. Good thing there's two more termin.....oh wait.

  2. It was the box that was once part of the airport project that contained common sense, competence, and honesty.
    No wonder it was found now to be empty.
    $2.5 billion and counting!

  3. Uh oh... Q Ball left his douche laying around again!

  4. Maybe it belonged to MeLIEsa Rob n go! Hahahahaha!


  5. Box of Basement Joe Biden's used Depends.


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