KC Tenants & ACLU Target Jackson County With Coronavirus Eviction Lawsuit

This legal gambit is a losing effort and more of a publicity stunt graciously promoted by local media. However, it's a clear indication that local progressives are willing to take their fight to the courts as election season moves closer.

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Tenants Group Calls Evictions An 'Act Of Violence' And Sues Presiding Jackson County Judge

A local tenants rights group is suing the presiding judge of Jackson County for allowing landlords to file eviction cases in the face of a federal moratorium on tenant evictions. The lawsuit by KC Tenants alleges that Circuit Judge David M.


  1. Democrats be scammin' Mo Free Stuff .. this time.. Free Rent! Woo Hoo!

  2. "Gimmee ma' free shit".

  3. Whadayamean I gotta pay my rent????? Ain't rent free cuz of the rona???

  4. Why can’t they pay rent? If they got laid off, They probably made more on unemployment than they did working. If they didn’t have a job, their welfare money came in like always.

  5. Trump's executive order via the CDC says
    No More Evictions because you can't pay rent.
    But Jackson county Dem judges say
    Fuck Trump we need more Rona.

  6. These dumbasses are fucked but think Marxism will save them. They owe a few thousand in back rent and the longer an eviction freeze lasts, the more they will owe. Landlords will get judgements and pursue that money because its too much to let go. Its a felony offense to do the run outs on rent due. But de savior Biden he gonna shut down de economy which will just fuck them deeper than John Holmes. Get a job. Get second Jobs. Maybe save a few bucks instead of $1000. IPhones and new cars.

  7. Well it's Marxist Trump's executive order that says to stop evictions, ^^^ dumbass.
    Corporate Whore Biden says throw 'em to the Coronas.

  8. 8:01 They definitely did make more. My tenants fill out an income sheet when they apply. I know what they make in unemployment and COVID money. I evicted those that didn't pay rent. I've had no problem with the courts and evictions. I'd rather my properties sit empty than have deadbeats. But, the Kansas City area right now has a housing shortage. I can tell because I am not even advertising my properties and I get calls and emails daily inquiring about availability. I quit accepting Section 8 housing long ago because I can earn a lot more money without those restrictions. I evicted deadbeat tenants beginning in June and raised rents. I have the pick of tenants right now. Life is good for landlords if you can get rid of the deadbeats.

  9. The ACLU no longer has anything to do with civil rights. Otherwise they would support the landlords' right to question their tenants' claims under oath in court. The new ACLU says the landlords have no rights, only the tenants have rights. The ACLU has become just another far left Marxist inspired organization.


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