Monday, September 21, 2020

Kansas Senate Slap Fight Over Obamacare

Worthwhile fact check here regarding an crucial contest for control of the Senate that the Democratic Party is basically just giving away and letting some rich white lady lose to an equally empty suit . . . Read more:

Fact check: Bollier claims Marshall voted against health care protections

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two doctors are competing for a Kansas U.S. Senate seat and health care is emerging as a topic the candidates are both hitting hard. Truth Be Told took a closer look at a television ad by the Barbara Bollier for Kansas campaign that claims U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall voted against protections for people with pre-existing conditions.


Anonymous said...

Bollier acts as if she'll be an independent voice in the Senate but the reality is she'll be another vote for her new Party - Democrats.

- Supreme Court votes: She'll vote with Democrats

- Impeachment of Trump: She'll vote with Democrats

- Universal Healthcare: She'll vote with Democrats

- COVID Fear Mongering: She'll vote with Democrats

- Higher Taxes: She'll vote with Democrats

- School Choice: She'll vote with Democrats

We live in a democracy with 2 major parties. Our elected officials are not free agents. They support the agenda and platform of their parties and vote with them a vast majority of the time. Bollier is a vote for the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

How come they didn't ask why she changed parties? She keeps saying she's independent. Why didn't she run as an independent minded Republican or without a party affiliation?

Answer's easy: She's a democrat. If she wins, she'll flip the US Senate to a hyper-liberal radical voting block.

Anonymous said...

Ha - she keeps saying she'll follow the path of Dole and Roberts. Who do Dole and Roberts endorse?????? Not Bollier

Anonymous said...

Don't see "Democrat" label on any of Bollier's yard signs. Any guesses why she wants to hide that? She also didn't mention her party once during the entire debate. She can't hide it....

Anonymous said...

Bollier has NO chance to win. She needs to retire to Florida and leave us alone here. She's a damn idiot who wants to limit gun rights and bring in bigger govt and socialized medicine.

Anonymous said...

4:41 There is nothing wrong with socialized medicine cunt.
What's wrong is for profit health insurance companies and people like the ceo salary of blue cross being 19.2 million.

Anonymous said...

and that is the ceo of BCBS michigan.

Anonymous said...

They believed he deserved that amount for keeping health insurance affordable.

Anonymous said...

She got her feelings hurt when the politics of being a politician hit her. How stupid. If she had just played along...she helped get Grandma Kelly elected, but the reasons she flipped, Brownback and Kobach, are now dead and buried. If she was as smart as they say she is, right now she's be waltzing her way to the US Senate as the Republican nominee. And she'd win with both the JOCO votes and the rural farmer vote.
If she wins now, she will have to ask Schumer for permission to go take a piss, and told how to vote on every issue, with little regard for Kansans. Yeah, a career republican from Mission Hills, who jumped to the lib elites for an easier path will represent the common midwesterners well.

Anonymous said...

what's also wrong is US socialized medicine is a POS system.

Anonymous said...

The bill referenced in the ad wasn't the first time Marshall voted to drop protections for those with preexisting conditions.

He voted to repeal the full ACA in 2017 and went to the White House to celebrate the bill's passage. Luckily, McCain saved the protections in the senate.

Marshall is a fraud and liar. He won't represent anyone in Kansas. He would be a rubber stamp and a puppet for McConnell and his corrupt interests.