Monday, September 14, 2020

Kansas Guv Kelly: Get Flu Shot

For readers delving this far in the news links tonight, this is good advice for people who might need it and something where we can find bipartisan common ground . . . Checkit:

Gov. Laura Kelly urges Kansans to get flu shots amid concerns of overburdening hospitals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is urging Kansans to get their flu shots as state leaders discuss increasing COVID-19 testing in the state. Kelly said she knows residents are ready to return to a sense of normalcy.


Anonymous said...

Granny is very concerned about my health and welfare.
Unless I'm a baby in the womb. Then I can be cut into pieces and flushed into the sewer, on a whim.

Anonymous said...

Granny sez to change your underwear everyday as well!

Thanks Granny!

Anonymous said...

Granny Kelly will instruct us all on the safest way to go! Just as soon as she figures out the latest Democrat party line on it.